Membership of the association is open to all gardeners whether they are allotment plot holders or not. The membership fee is £6 per year (2022) and includes group membership of the National Allotment Society.

Thursday 12 January 2017

January 2017 Update

The shop opens for the new season on Saturday 4th February 2017 11am - 1pm.

Membership is also due for renewal from this date. The membership fee remains at £5.00 despite a further increase in the cost of membership of the NSALG. The fee includes third party insurance which is a condition of the tenancy of your plot. This insurance runs from the date of your new membership until January 31st 2018.

For the second successive year the shop prices remain unchanged and represent great value. Our seed potatoes are considerably cheaper than elsewhere. Compare our price of £1.20 per kilo against shop prices! (Sarpo Mira are slightly more expensive at £1.50 per kilo).  

Potato Varieties available:
First Early: Aaron pilot, Foremost, Lady Christl, Rocket, Swift, Winston. 
Second early: Charlotte, International Kidney, Kestrel 
Maincrop: Desiree, King Edward, Sarpo Mira (Blight resistant), Valor, Wilja.

Again this year we are stocking Kings Seeds and these are available to members at a huge discount. 

We have stocked up on our broad range of fertilisers and members can purchase quantities to suit themselves, again at discounted prices.

We have a stock of blue alkathene tube, excellent for supporting netting etc. which we are selling at 0.50p per metre.

Burton and Rossett Horticultural Society (www.brhs.org.uk)

BRHS 2017 Programme 

Only the Major Speaker events (Bob Flowerdew this year) require tickets.  All other talks are pay on the door - BRHS members pay £1.00 and non-members pay £2.00.