Membership of the association is open to all gardeners whether they are allotment plot holders or not. The membership fee is £6 per year (2022) and includes group membership of the National Allotment Society.

Monday 13 July 2015

Allotment Shop

Due to a lack of demand we will not be opening the shop on a Wednesday evening for the remainder of the season.

As usual the shop will not be open during August.  The shop will close at 12 noon on Saturday 25th July and will reopen at 10am on Saturday 5th September.

Sunday 5 July 2015

Annual Flower and Vegetable Show

All the allotment plot holders on the four Wrexham CBC sites should by now have received our Newsletter and a copy of the Schedule for our Annual Show, courtesy of the Council’s Allotments Officer.

The last two classes in the Show Schedule were intended to be open to all schools in the Wrexham Town area and so higher prize money was allocated for these two classes than for the other children’s classes.  Unfortunately none of the schools wished to take part and, in the circumstances, it has been decided that the prize money for these two classes will be the same as for the other children’s classes.

Special Note for our many leisure gardener members:  a copy of the Newsletter has been added to the website and copies of the Show Schedule are available at our shop at Prices Lane or from the Show Secretary, Mike Jarvis - Tel. 357719  Email marjar@sky.com.

As mentioned earlier, there have been many changes in the show classes for this year, with several new classes in the Flowers and Plants and Home Products and Handicrafts Categories, which we hope will encourage more of our leisure gardener members to have a go.   There are also several children’s classes, which may be of interest to your children/grandchildren.