Membership of the association is open to all gardeners whether they are allotment plot holders or not. The membership fee is £6 per year (2022) and includes group membership of the National Allotment Society.

Thursday 17 April 2014

Plugs / plants now available

4 different varieties of sprout plugs now available – 15pence per plug

Lettuce, mixed salad, broad bean, leek, peas, cauliflower, cabbage plugs available soon. I will let members know when they are available via email and www.walga.co.uk 

Tomato plants now available – 50pence each 

Varieties available:
Snow White Cherry , Tomato – Small 
Sub Arctic Plenty - Red , Tomato – Small 
Tumbling Junior 'Yellow' , Tomato – Small 
Black Trifele -Japanese , Tomato – Medium 
Orange Banana Plum , Tomato – Medium 
Chocolate Stripes , Tomato – Beefsteak 
Golden Sunrise , Tomato – Medium 
Black Prince (Czerno Prinz) , Tomato – Medium 
San Marzano - Red Plum , Tomato – Medium 
Coeur-de-Bue (Beef heart) , Tomato – Beefsteak 
Gardeners Delight 
Tomato Pomodoro 
Ailsa Craig 
Golden Sunrise 
Tumbling Tiger 
Tumbling Tom Red 
San Maranzano 
Tomato ‘Costoluto Fiorentino’ 
Apero F1 
Honey Drop 
Geo 12 F1 
Cederico F1 
German Deep Orange Strawberry 
Brandy Wine Red 
Tommy Toe 
Silver Fir Tree 
Hillbilly Tom 
Brandy Wine Black 
Chocolate Cherry